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"World F******Champions" - Chase Utley


As a long time Phillies fan I am proud of my team's championship! I have been a collecting baseball cards for over a decade now. My collecting includes building a few sets, collecting rookies and prospects and collecting Phillies players, especially Shortstop Jimmy Rollins. I have included a few of my favorite pictures and cards from my collection.


My friend is also a MEGA Nolan Ryan Collector. I trade for him often (sometimes just to taunt him with Ryans like he does good Rollins cards to me) :)


The link to his Nolan Ryan wants and haves is here Tony's Nolan Ryan Shrine

Rollins collection color code

I want 2 or more

I want 1 more 

I have at least 2 

* I have 1 in less than mint condition and would like upgrade